Renewable energy generation is an incredibly dynamic sector in Scotland. If you have a query about renewable energy, you have come to the right place. Within our team we have an excellent & proven track record of delivering projects and value across the spectrum of the renewables industry.

Renewable Energy

In the years following the demise of the Feed in Tariff and Contracts for Differences for onshore wind, we saw a quite sudden cessation of market activity (with the exception of the ongoing build-out of accredited hydro projects). In recent years, developers have found ways of building viable subsidy-free renewable energy projects. The good news is that the market is currently seeing an unprecedented level of interest in the development of renewable electricity. The primary drivers are onshore wind and solar. We are seeing new and emerging technologies searching Scotland for opportunities, in the form of network-balancing systems, battery storage and increasingly, hydrogen plants. We are very excited about the potential for the next 5 to 10 years and beyond, although note with regret that hydro power is unlikely to feature in this surge of forthcoming development.

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Looking For Guidance?

Renewable energy is a universal language, only the issues in specific areas change. We have been involved in every aspect of this industry and can give you the support, advice or strategic guidance you might need. Some of the distinct areas of activity our team have presided over include;

  • Promoting sites for development
  • Conducting tenders for landowners with the relevant industry (wind, solar etc)
  • Negotiating terms for leases, joint ventures and ancillary agreements between developers and landowners/occupiers
  • Reviewing and advising on site potential
  • Negotiating terms for access to developers
  • Analysing and negotiating grid connections with the Local Utility
  • Review feasibility for private wire connections
  • Project manage aspects of scheme delivery/principal contractors
  • Review, promote and negotiate terms for extensions
  • Manage repower discussions
  • Negotiate terms for life extensions (if they are in the landowners best interests)
  • Examine production from energy projects and advise on increasing efficiency or output
  • Negotiate investment in, divestment of, or broker the sale of consents, construction projects or operational sites.
  • Source investment or equity
  • Advise on planning policy, development strategy and/or partnerships.
  • Manage community or stakeholder engagement processes.
  • Broker agreements and commercial terms between multiple stakeholders (developers, landowners, crofters, local council etc).

It is important to be aware that the renewable energy industry has evolved to be more than just the use of rural land to make electricity. The industry has seen the emergence of a sub-industry in access provision and grid connection to third-party developments across private land. As the size of turbines increases, so too do the incidences of landowners not connected to a development becoming stakeholders in a commercial project should their land be required to facilitate access by way of the oversail or run of turbine components, or if a grid connection is required across their property. We can work pragmatically with developers to secure the best possible return for your participation in such projects.

The growth of the offshore wind industry has also presented a range of relatively new opportunities or challenges for landowners who find themselves in the access or cable corridors of offshore wind projects. We have extensive experience of negotiating terms for use of private land, and the terms of engagement for the physical use of the land, and then overseeing the effective reinstatement of the land post-construction. If you have any questions about renewable energy and how it might, could or will interact with your property, please contact us.