As a species, we are more interested in the impacts our actions are having on the environment than ever before. Until recently, bringing about change was something that a landowner had to take sole responsibility for.

Climate Emergency

Our Government leaders in Europe, Westminster and Holyrood have all recognised the Climate Emergency we have entered and are committing increasing resources to addressing this.

Private rural land ownership has a crucial role to play in the management of our natural resources, particularly with respect to one element, carbon. The Government has established the principle of Natural Capital; how it manifests in real terms is emerging by the day, but it signifies a change in approach to how we manage and value land and could potentially create significant opportunities to increase value from land. Direct support has been made available in Scotland for peatland restoration in the form of the Peatland Action scheme. Woodland creation is another facet of the drive for habitat restoration and tackling climate change.

Value from Land Amenity Natural Capital

Understanding The Changes

Irrespective of an individual’s outlook on climate change, focus on interaction between human impact and our communities, settlements and the environment has never been greater. The emergence of and growing momentum in the Rewilding movement is perhaps a vanguard for change. This is a rapidly evolving facet of land ownership and it will, over time, impact on almost everything we do. We would like to help you understand the changes that we face and hopefully capitalise on some of the opportunities that could present themselves.