Property Advice

We are drawn together by a common goal; to service the growing need for rural property owners and occupiers to have access to practical and professional advice, at a reasonable price.

We are property experts, well placed to advise you on a broad range of rural, residential and commercial property issues including:

Purchase and Sales Advice:

Buying a property can be a daunting task, especially when elements of the purchase potentially include land tenure and rights. Understanding these issues and their effect on value is key to a successful purchase. Our team are well placed to guide you through the purchase process. We also offer a search service from residential housing through to rural estates.

Similarly, if you are considering a sale but have queries about the process or particular aspects of your sale options, our team is happy to chat through the specifics of individual cases.

Tenants and Occupiers:

Agricultural and crofting legislation is complex, and the rights of tenants as defined by statute and contract should be understood to ensure that a tenant’s position is maximised. We are experienced in appraising agricultural tenancies and can offer valuable advice to both existing, incoming and outgoing tenants so that they know their rights under the contract they occupy (or intend to occupy) land under. Furthermore, tenants can often hold the key for unlocking development and advice should be sought if any approaches from a developer or land owner occur.

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Property Management Services:

If you require assistance with managing smaller properties (i.e. those that wouldn’t fall under estate and farm management) or have discreet issues that you require advice on, we are happy to assist.

Project Management Services:

We have a project management resource ranging from individual residential builds through to more complex infrastructure and commercial projects. Please get in touch to find out more.

Marine Services:

Within our team we have experience of managing marine assets including aquaculture, seabed options and leases, moorings and port and harbour leases.