Planning & Development

The Highland Rural team have a 15 year track record in development plan promotion and planning applications across the North of Scotland in the following sectors: Agricultural, Leisure & tourism, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Renewable Energy, Marine. We have experience throughout the project lifecycle and would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Planning and Development


Below is a list of services we would be more than happy to provide.

Planning policy & land promotion:

  • Main Issues Report Responses
  • Call for sites submissions
  • Local Development Plan representations
  • Strategic Development Plan representations
  • Hearings & Public Inquiries

Planning applications:

  • Planning policy analysis
  • Pre-application consultation submissions
  • Supporting statements
  • Planning Permission in Principle Applications
  • Detailed Planning Applications
  • Design & Access Statements
  • Matters Specified in the Planning Consent (Reserved Matters) Applications
  • Prior Notification (Permitted Development) Applications
  • Appeals
  • S75 and Local Government agreements
  • Discharge of Conditions
  • Planning Monitoring & Enforcement

Project Management:

  • Site Servicing
  • Site infrastructure assembly
  • Ground Investigations
  • Development Appraisals
  • Promotion Agreements
  • Option Agreements
  • Development Agreements

Construction Management

  • Procurement & Commercial Services
  • Cost Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Project Governance & Reporting

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