Farming & Crofting

Being based in the mart gives clients the perfect opportunity to call in during their working day for an initial consultation and confidentially discuss any aspects of their rural business.

Looking For Support?

We can offer IACS and grant application support for regular clients but do not intend to compete with existing providers of such services. We see value in using our collective team resources to appraise farm businesses and provide specific advice on projects you may be mulling over or review existing practices you may be questioning.

Our directors have experience in Contract Farming and Share Farming and can put together agreements to suit parties depending on their requirements. We do not just do the paperwork as we possess the practical skills to monitor and appraise effectiveness of agreements.

We have experience of crofting law and management, and are also keen to work with grazing and community groups to provide practical advice and explore opportunities.

Value from Land Amenity Natural Capital

We Are Here To help!

Our team can arrange supervision of projects, help with staff and contractor appointment and review and offer advice on getting the most from your team and property.

Highland Rural can arrange and implement leases and licences and help both landowners and graziers/ arable farmers to navigate the complicated tenure, subsidy and taxation regimes, working with legal and financial professionals if necessary to protect client interests and build agreements that work for all parties.

We can offer input based on first-hand experience on business start-up and development.

By combining with other Highland Rural services such as planning and infrastructure appraisal we can ensure the business is maximising returns not just on margins per acre but on third party land use, carbon sequestration, property development and energy to name but a few examples.